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  • We want to thank you for the terrific hazelnuts we purchased from you recently. I've lost count of the number of suppliers of Oregon hazelnuts we've used in the past, but none come even close to what we received from you. My wife was born and raised in Oregon, so she knows hazelnuts; she says yours are the best she's ever had. KJ is now our "go to" hazelnut farm.
  • In October we received a gift package from friends in Mannheim Germany – filled with delicious hazelnuts. Knowing we had to get serious about finding hazelnuts nearby, we found Ken & June’s Hazelnuts online. Now instead of enjoying chocolate candy with occasional hazelnuts – now we have entire bags of hazelnuts. So we are enjoying raw, dry roasted and chocolate covered from Ken & June’s hazelnuts. So, for those days when you are working hard on chores that never seem to end – adhere to regulations – get shipments out the door – attending to “pop-up” and awful problems, PLEASE know that families like ours are grateful for what you do. You have brought a lot of JOY to our home. Thank you, Thank you! Very Much!
  • I recently placed a small order with your company and want to tell you what outstanding customer service you provide. My order was here within 3 days, beautifully packaged and the hazelnuts are lovely. This was my first order with you, but it will certainly not be my last. Thank you so much for the follow up emails, the fast turnaround and your excellent product.
  • I love Ken&June's hazelnuts, in fact, I have never tasted any hazelnuts more delicious! I just ordered the raw nut and included a bag of the milk covered hazelnuts...my mouth is watering already!!
  • My 1st order of roast & salted hazel nuts arrived last week and believe me, it will definitely not be my last!! The taste is fabulous, the packaging perfect for freshness and not only taste wonderful as a snack but will be divine in my beef Wellington forcemeat recipe. Thank you!!!!
  • My husband and I have tried many sources for raw, shelled hazelnuts, both in local stores as well as through the internet. Your hazelnuts are by far the freshest, tastiest ever! We'll be gladly ordering from you again.
  • I Order 4 or 5 bags of roasted hazelnuts every month or so. It is my wife and my treat for ourselves and it can't be beat. A quality food and great tasting at the same time-how can you beat that?

Locally Grown Hazelnuts from the Willamette Valley of Oregon - About KJ Hazelnuts


The Melcher family has been in the business of growing hazel­nuts for over 50 years. Ken & June Melcher began farming hazelnuts in 1957 on a 40-acre farm in their home town of St. Paul, Oregon. It was one of the largest filbert orchards in the Willamette Valley at the time.

As second generation farm­ers, we now farm 300 acres of hazelnuts. In 2000, we expanded our business to include packaged, ready to eat hazelnuts, named after the original farmers, Ken and June Melcher. Ken & June’s product line includes raw, dry roasted, and roasted & salted hazelnuts, as well as a delicious selection of chocolate coated hazelnuts includ­ing milk, dark, & white chocolate coated as well as a deliciously unique Marion berry candy coated hazelnut.  We also offer a variety of gift boxes; great for any occasion, as well as our locally sourced fruit jams.

Our hazelnut products are freshly grown and packaged here in the great Willamette Valley of Oregon and can be shipped anywhere within the United States. We look forward to you enjoying our products! As a family owned and oper­ated small business, we take great pride in providing a quality, locally grown product for our cus­tomers to enjoy all year round

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